Hi babe! I'm currently writing this after only getting a couple hours of sleep...so forgive me if there are any typos haha. Life with a newborn has given me a totally different view of all-nighters. Shoutout to all the mamas (and dads!) out there...I have so much respect for you. I wouldn't change it for the world though ~ she can keep me up all night every night❤️

So today I want to share my top tips for how to power through the day even when you feel like climbing back into bed! No matter what is making you sleepy — whether you were up late studying for finals, working on a project, or feeding your bb — these tips will help keep your energy levels up so you can tackle your day like a total boss!

Fake it 'til you make it! ;)

Your mindset in the morning will stay with you all day long! If you wake up feeling like you could have used a few more zzz's or your energy levels are low, it's important to shift your perspective and focus on how much your day can improve from there. Sleepiness is often a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more you say you are so exhausted or that you wish you could go back to bed, the worse you will feel. Instead, shift your mindset, make a huge espresso, and tell yourself today is gonna be a great day ✨⭐️ Orrr maybe you do need to head to bed earlier to catch more zzz's!!

Keep your nutrition on point!

You know that this is KEY for virtually everything, and it's especially important when you don't get a good night's rest. Your body will probably crave more sugar, carbs, and fat, but it's important to keep it Lean, Clean, 'N Green for a nutrient boost. You need that extra boost of energy! It's also essential to make sure that you're eating and not skipping meals — even if you're running late and trying to get out the door, make it a priority to get something nourishing in.

Plus, there are foods that help to boost your energy too! I love to start my day with the Vanilla Latte Smoothie ~ the combo of espresso and protein is just what you need to kickstart your day!

Stay on top of your routine!

As tempting as it may be to just hit the snooze button and stay under the covers, do the best you can to power through and stay on top of your routine. If you always go to that 6 am hot yoga class or for a run in the morning, try your best to stay on top of that even if you're super sleepppy. Remember to turn off that Netflix and shut down Instagram at night. That extra hour of sleepy dillydallying could be dedicated to your morning workout!

Listen to your body!

By far the most important tip! If you truly feel so lethargic and cannot get yourself out of bed and need to miss your workout, be gentle with yourself. It's more important to listen to your body and give it what it needs. There have definitely been days where I even fell asleep and had to take a quick cat nap at the HQ 😂

Speaking of...Bella is up from her nap so mama's gotta go ;) Wishing you the best day & a restful night! Love you tonssss!!