As you know, some days are super exciting, and some are downright, well, scary! We always get the jitters, no matter what it is! We have to prepare ourselves before anything and really talk ourselves through it. You might be prepping for a big day, a presentation, your next race, or to straight up slay a tough workout. Here's a trick that'll help you nail each and every one of those: Don't listen to yourself, talk to yourself!

You've probably heard me say this to you during your workouts, and it's SO POWERFUL! Don't listen to the things you or your body might have to tell you. Talk to yourself!

study found that a group of competitive swimmers who used self talk performed better in competition than those who didn't use the technique. For runners, researchers found self talk increases time to exhaustion during endurance training. Apply these tips to your life every day, and they'll literally help you run the extra mile- and squeeze in 10 EXTRA burpees! 😜



Make a daily mantra

Write down a mantra that speaks specifically to you and your goals. Read it out loud to yourself every morning. This can be as simple as “stay strong” or “I love my body.” It can also be more detailed such as, “I am going to run 5 miles today and feel incredible!” Say this at least ten times each morning and ten times before you go to bed.

Turn negative thoughts into positive ones

If you ever get down on yourself (as we all occasionally do), focus on changing your mindset. For example, if you slept in and skipped a workout, resist the urge to get angry at yourself. Instead, remind yourself of all the healthy things you’re doing for your body today.

Boost your phone vibes

Think about how often you open your phone. It’s probably a lot more than you realize! Set your background as your mantra or an inspiring quote that you can repeat to yourself every time you use your cell. Every dose of self-talk you can add into your life will help boost the positive effects.

It all comes down to loving yourself and having confidence that you’re a pretty amazing human, because you are! And we love you tons too, girl! 💕