How ya feelin' gorgeous?! I wanted to take a second and check in with you. As we head into the third week of the Summer Tone Up, it's a perfect time to revisit the goals you've written down in your journal. One of my goals for this challenge is to prioritize balance. While getting in my workouts is always a goal for me, I also want to slow down and make sure I'm listening to my body! It's so important to take the recovery time you need, especially when you're workin' as hard as you are! Incorporate these tips into your routine for a lil' R&R!

Get Outside!

Fresh air does wonders for your body and your state of mind! 🤗✨ There's nothing I love more than going for a long walk on the beach with Brian & Winston. It instantly lifts my mood and it's a metabolism booster too!

Stretch Stretch Stretch!

You've been rocking all of your workouts lately, so your body may be feeling a little stiff or sore...which is totally normal! Just remember to listen to your body, take time to slow down and stretch. Karena's Sandy Stretch routine is the perfect way to lengthen your gorgeous muscles and feel rejuvenated head to toe! Do this routine first thing when you wake up, after your workout, or whenever your bod needs it! You can also find more stretching routines in the On Demand section of your Tone It Up app!

Drink Up Buttercup!

We know we're always tellin' you this...but we do for a reason! Did you know that hydration helps your body repair itself?! It's so important to drink water during your workouts and sip even more after you're done! Sometimes it's easy to this is your daily reminder! We love to infuse our water with cucumber or lemon 🥒🍋

Roll It Out!

The foam roller is seriously amazing. It has been proven to relieve tension, boost circulation, and reduce soreness head to toe. You've gotta try my Foam Rolling Workout in Tone It Up App On Demand! Cue it up after any tough workout ~ or do it a few times a week to improve mobility and feel more relaxed.

Sip On Some Protein!

We recover with protein smoothies for a reason! Whip up a Tone It Up Protein smoothie within 30 minutes of your sweat sesh! Protein will rev your metabolism and replenish those gorgeous muscles! On the go?! Grab one of our bars or a couple of our delicious bites!! They taste like such a treat!

 Bring On The Bubbly!

Not that bubbly...😉 a bubble bath! There's nothing more peaceful than a bubble bath, your favorite book, and some scented candles. Run a bath tonight and add a little rosemary or lavender essential oil with some Epsom feels amazing after a tough workout or a long day! It's the perfect way to recover, reset, and get glow-y.

Nutrition On Point!

As a member, you know first hand that nutrition plays a huge role in recovery! Foods like dark leafy greens (think kale, spinach, chard) and spices like ginger, cayenne, and turmeric contain powerful antioxidants that help your muscles repair and fight inflammation! That's one of the reasons why we love the morning Meta-D and Bombshell Spell! The ginger and cayenne is amazing for you ✨

Practicing balance and slowing down is essential for reaching your goals and showing your body the love it deserves. When you show your body love, it'll love you back!