Hi babe! This month, we want you to focus on feeling healthier from the inside out. We're talkin' vitamins and minerals to fuel, nourish, and support your beautiful mind & body! Magnesium is all the craze right now because it has SO many benefits! We put together a list of foods to add to your list for meal-prep Sunday! Trust us babe, these are the real deal!

Magnesium keeps you feeling energized all day long and you can say buh-bye to headaches, insomnia, and even period cramps! 🙌 It also plays a role in muscle function, AND what's the most important muscle of them all?! Your beautiful heart!!  ❤️ Magnesium works to counter the effects of sodium (aka salt) on our arteries, which lowers blood pressure. And bonus perk...you know that restless feeling you get from sitting at work all day?! Magnesium helps cure that too! Aim to get between 310-320 mg of this magical nutrient each day. These are some of our fave sources ~

 You inspire us every single day, and you deserve to feel happy, healthy, and beautiful! 😽 We love you so so much!