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Ready to feel toned, healthy, and confident?

We have the plan for YOU! Meet thousands of women on the Tone It Up Program who found success and happiness!

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Amazing Results

"To me, Tone It Up means friendship, acceptance, love, community, accountability, inspiration, SWEAT. I’ve lost 35 pounds, 8% body fat, and gained so much confidence. I will never look back."

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Achieve Success

"The plan is amazing I love it so much it totally changed my life."

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Incredible Transformations

"It was immediately obvious that Tone It Up transformations go beyond the external level, and bring out the hidden confidence and pride."

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Stay Motivated

"The women of this community keep me motivated. I’m sure every TIU member would say this, but it really is true."

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Fuel Your Body

"The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan totally changed the way I look at food. The plan taught me to fuel my body with nutritious superfoods that keep me energized ALL day long. "

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Structure Your Diet

"The Nutrition Plan was the KEY to my success. It lays everything out for you: it tells you what to eat and when to eat. Meal prep Sundays are a must in my routine now!"

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A New Lifestyle

"Tone It Up is more than just one challenge, it's a lifestyle. I couldn't be more proud of my perseverance, emerging confidence, positivity & strength"

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Understand Your Nutrition Needs

"I kept on getting fed mixed messages about what was healthy, and what wasn’t. It was always so confusing, and I never felt confident enough to stick to a plan if I wasn’t sure it would 100% work. Tone It Up made my health easy to understand, and I believed in the progress of the community that I could see online."

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Easy to Follow Guide

"The TIU plan is so easy to follow. I believe TIU is one of the most important factors in helping keep me motivated in nutrition and how much fun getting healthy can actually be."


Why is the plan so amazing?


The plan comes in Regular & Vegan Options. Purchase your version HERE!

Easy Recipes

Whether you're an avid chef or need easy options, we have recipes and meal prep tips for you!

Family Friendly

Your family and friends will love the clean recipes especially at dinner... the plan works for everyone!


The plan works! Our science based guidelines speed up your metabolism, burn fat, fuel your lean muscles, and provide you the nutrients you need to be your best!

TIU Team

Welcome to the team :) These gorgeous girls have seen amazing results with the Nutrition Plan! Join millions of women in the #TIUteam who have found happiness and success!


What's included with your plan?

Your Nutrition Plan comes as a lifestyle kit that includes everything you need! Choose Regular or Vegan versions HERE !

The Nutrition Plan & Recipe Guide

You'll Receive Our Meal Guide, Recipes and this AMAZING boxed set!

  • Tone It Up Nutrition Plan BOOK!
  • 2 Pop 'N Go Meal Prep Containers
  • Water Bottle
  • Tone It Up Protein Bar
  • Immediate Digital Access to your Meal Guide & Recipes! *Kit arrives within 5 days.

Your best investment? You!

The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan is your Guide to a healthy, happy life!

When you join the Plan, you get digital access to EVERY edition! We send you:

✓ Your Main Nutrition Program, which breaks down everything you need to know ~ the science behind what to eat, when, and why

✓ Recipe Guide with thousands of delicious meals

Then we send you Meal-by-Meal Plans for all of your Challenges…

✓ Love Your Body Meal Plans

✓ Bikini Series Meal Plans

✓ Fall Challenge Meal Plans