Nature provided us with some pretty incredible, nutrient-packed foods that will make you feel great and look gorgeous! The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan is filled with these superfoods. Today, we're sharing three of our faves that we eat ALL THE TIME! These eats will rev your metabolism, boost your immunity, protect your heart, and give you fab glowing skin. Your next meal is about to get way more SUPER!


This spicy little number boosts your metabolism and increases fat burning! Its active ingredient, a compound called capsaicin, can decrease your appetite and help you digest and utilize proteins. Cayenne is also an excellent source of Vitamins A, B, and C, potassium, and manganese!

Try it in our Spicy Cauliflower Wings!  


The superfood beetroot, aka "beets," is a fresh, earthy veggie that's sweet and filling. Juice them, roast them, or top them with hummus — beets are great in just about everything! We love topping our salads with 'em! Beets are also stocked with heart-healthy folate and their natural red pigments may be cancer fighters! 

Sip your superfoods with our Beet Latte!

Apple Cider Vinegar

We always start our day with some apple cider vinegar (aka ACV)! It revs our metabolism in the morning and regulates blood sugar levels to keep snack attacks at bay. Plus, ACV is an amazing source of potassium, which we need for sculpting muscles and maintaining a healthy nervous system. It’s also high in malic acid, which is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and helps break down fat. 

Whip up one of our DIY drinking vinegar shots with ACV!