Surprise!! 🤗  We're sharing some game-changing secrets with you.

The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan changes the way you think about nourishing your body. You learn tips, tricks, and lifestyle changes that become a part of your daily routine!

Here are three of our favorite slimming secrets that we do every day!

Start each morning with a metabolism-boosting shot

Every day begins with one of our Meta D or Bombshell Spell shots! They help your body burn fat, regulate appetite, and contribute to pH balance. The perfect morning boost for your bod!

Put serious focus into the last meal of the day 

We designed your M5 recipes so your body gets the most out of your sleeping hours. Your Nutrition Plan meals nourish your body the most efficiently at each time of the day, with special guidelines for the last meal before you go to sleep and your beautiful body goes to work!

Consistently plan & prep daily meals

This makes a HUGE difference in your health journey! When a meal seems daunting or like a lot of extra work, it's easy to quickly grab something from the restaurant around the corner. The problem is, who REALLY knows what's in it?! Preparing your meals so they're ready when you need them will leave no room for making last-minute choices that aren't the best for your body. Toss your #TIUapproved meals in the Pop 'N Go Meal Prep Containers and always be ready to love your body!

Start applying these three tricks to your everyday life with the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and see how incredible you feel in just a few days! Your beautiful body deserves it. 💕

Your trainers,