Hi gorgeous! Every Tuesday we have an amazing farmers' market in Manhattan Beach! I love to walk up there and grab fresh fruit, veggies, seaweed salad, and the best miso dressing ever! As I was strolling around this week, I was thinking of you and wanted to share some of my fave farmers' market tips & tricks! 🤗

Make it a girlfriend date!

I love to go with Kat and the girls at the HQ always walk there together at lunchtime too!

 BYOB...not that kind! 😉

Bring your own reusable shopping bag! It's also great to have cash on hand because some vendors don't take cards.

Always go with what's in season

 It's the freshest and packed with nutrients & antioxidants. Not sure what's in season? We put together a guide for you in your Nutrition Plan!

Talk to the farmers!

They know best and will have so many great recommendations. Plus if you get to know them, they might even give you some deals!

Remember your shopping list!

I like to screenshot the grocery list from the Bikini Meal Plan so I know what produce to pick up 🍓

 Don't be afraid to sample!

We try everythingggg!!

 Keep it clean girl!!

 Does the 'Dirty Dozen' or 'Clean Fifteen' sound familiar? Every year the Environmental Working Group ranks pesticide contamination of popular fruits and vegetables and releases a Shopper's Guide to Pesticides, aka the 'Dirty Dozen' and the 'Clean Fifteen.' We put together this lil' graphic for ya to break it down! Feel free to screenshot 😽

Keep this in mind next time you head to the market! You know we're always lookin' out for ya 😘

xxo, Karena