We hope you're feeling strong, accomplished, healthy, happy, and motivated today!! As you continue to crush your goals, we want to remind you of something — Kat and I never everrrr want you to sacrifice a girlfriend's birthday celebration, GNO, family dinner, or any other fun outing you have planned! The beauty of your Nutrition Plan and the Tone It Up lifestyle is to make it work for YOU, whenever you want and wherever you are!

Today we're sharing some of our top tips for dining out TIU approved so you can enjoy yourself and stay aligned with your goals!

But first...GREENS!

I always like to order some type of veggie dish to start with! Most restaurants have an amazing guac or hummus spread ~ just ask them to swap the tortilla chips with fresh veggies. Starting with a salad is also a great option! When it's time to order your entrée you'll feel satisfied and you're more likely to keep the rest of your meal Lean, Clean, 'N Green! 🌿

Choose your booze wisely!

When we want a drink or two, we usually reach for wine, champagne, or a little cocktail. Wine contains antioxidants for some heart-healthy perks. If you're ordering a mixed drink, try to choose high-quality ingredients and steer clear of sugary mixers. Instead, ask the bartender to muddle fresh berries or mint in your drink! 🍓

Watch for sneaky sources

We recommend to nix fried foods when dining out - sometimes fried foods aren't always obvious! Brussel sprouts can be sneaky!! I used to order Brussel sprouts ALL THE TIME at one of my fave restaurants, then one day I had to ask the waiter how they were prepared because they were SO delicious. Turns out they were deep fried! 🙈 Never be afraid to ask for steamed or grilled instead!

Sharing is caring

Restaurants always have the most amazing dessert menus, which can be hard to pass up! We totally get it! Kat has always been a sweets and chocolate girl, while I love my spicy foods and cheese plates. If I'm craving my fave dessert, I'll order one for the whole table to share. That way everyone gets to enjoy!!

Water is your BFF

One of the best ways to stay on track is to make sure you're always properly hydrated! When you sit down at a restaurant, make sure to have lots of water right away. You'll be less likely to grab chips and unhealthy apps. Restaurants also tend to add more salt and sodium, even to the healthier dishes. Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water will help with digestion and to banish bloating.

Now go have the best weekend! We're so proud of you always!

All our love,