Bombshell Kettlebell

This brilliant teal kettlebell is a must-have for toning all over! It's sleek, smooth and features the Tone It Up logo on both sides to keep you inspired. 

Simply fill the kettlebell completely with sand (like a true mermaid!) to reach a weight of 8 pounds. It's the perfect weight for your Tone It Up routines! You can even start off at a lower weight by filling it halfway, and then increase it as you get stronger!

Bonus: You can travel with it! Just empty and bring along! We've brought ours on location all over the world!

PLEASE NOTE: Kettle Bell arrives UNFILLED. There is a resealable cap on the bottom. For the best results we recommend filling your kettlebell with sand. Product is not designed to be filled with liquids. Do NOT fill with water. 
Please note that all sale items are final. No exchanges or returns will be accepted.


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