Collagen Max Bundle

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Marine Collagen - 28 servings

Collagen Creamer - 14 servings

Plant-Based Collagen Boost Gummies - 30 day supply


Get glowing with all things collagen in your Collagen Max Bundle! You'll support strong nails, reduced signs of skin aging, improved hair growth, and reduced exercise related joint pain with:

Marine Collagen that mixes perfectly into smoothies, coffee, or your favorite baked treats. This is by far your most versatile collagen!

Collagen Creamer that gives your ordinary cup of coffee a boost of creaminess and vanilla sweetness — all while nourishing your beautiful bod with sustainably sourced marine collagen.

Plant Based Collagen Boost Gummies that contain co-nutrients that support your body's natural collagen production for maximum benefits!

 With this powerful collagen trio, you'll feel radiant from the inside out. Are you ready?

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