Beach Babe 2

The Beach Babe™ 2 Series features 9 exclusive workouts designed by us, using our Fine Toning Method™! You will receive a 2 disc series with 9 full workout routines!
  • Set the Bar ~ track your results!
  • Bikini Arms
  • Hula Booty
  • Fine Toning
  • HIIT the Beach 2
  • Sunrise Routine
  • Beach Barre
  • Sunkissed Abs
  • Sunset Stretch
This 2nd Edition in the Beach Babe™ Series will cinch every inch of your body leaving you feeling gorgeous and toned! We developed the Fine Toning Method™ for the woman’s body. The results are a long, lean, tight and toned you! Your new focus will be sustaining toning, cardio, and isolated exercises during your workout sessions. 
Total Run Time: 3 hrs. 40 min. 
2 Disc DVD Set - Playable worldwide