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Enjoy Our Collection of Organic Protein Shakes for Women

Eating protein 30 minutes after your workout helps build beautiful long, lean muscles. That’s why we’ve created your Tone It Up Plant Based Protein Shake — so you can enjoy a delicious, ready-for-you protein shake when it matters most.

Quickly and easily grab a Chocolate Protein Shake or Vanilla Protein Shake out of the fridge after you crush your workout in the Tone It Up App. Or throw a shake into your gym bag! Just because you don’t have time to blend up a protein smoothie, doesn’t mean you should have time to compromise on quality or taste. 

As always, your protein shake is plant-based, dairy-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, whey-free, sugar alcohol-free. PLUS each 11 oz. portable shake contains 15 grams of clean plant-based protein to refuel your body post-workout. It’s here to help replenish your energy, form long, lean muscles, and keep you satisfied post-workout and all day long!

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