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Toning Ropes

Skip the bulky battle ropes in favor of these at-home toning ropes from Tone It Up. Designed with dual functioning in mind, these ropes deliver cardio AND strength all in one. Use them for waves and slams to get a quick and effective cardiovascular workout. And, thanks to their innovative bungee-style design, they double as resistance bands for sculpting moves like rows and presses (equivalent of 12 lbs resistance).

How to use:

Use the anchoring strap (included with your toning ropes!) to attach your ropes to any stable, non-moving object. Simply loop the anchoring strap around the sturdy object, and fasten it together with the carabiner clips attached to the end of the ropes. At home, this might be the foot of a sofa, the leg of a sturdy table or desk, or a gate, post, or fence. At the gym, attach them to the base of an exercise bench, squat rack, or even a heavy kettlebell. 

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