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Beach Babe™ 1 DVD + Digital Download

Beach Babe™ features 7 exclusive toning workouts designed by Karena & Katrina using their Fine Toning Method™! You will receive a 2 disc series with 7 full workout routines!

  • Surfer Girl
  • Bikini Sculpt
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Summer Arms
  • Bikini Booty
  • Bikini Abs
  • Long & Lean

Beach Babe™ will cinch every inch of your body leaving you feeling gorgeous and toned! Karena & Katrina developed the Fine Toning Method™ for the woman’s body. The results are a long, lean, tight and toned you! Your new focus will be sustaining toning, cardio, and isolated exercises during your workout sessions. 


Please Note:

Digital downloads are HD .mp4 files. There is a separate download for each workout. The files are large (500mb - 2Gb) so make sure you have access to a high speed internet connection before attempting to download. Download links will be emailed to you, so you can purchase anytime and download when you have your internet connection available. If you would like to play these videos on an iPhone or an iPad you will need to first download them to your computer, add them to your iTunes movies and then add them to your device by syncing it with iTunes.


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