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TIU2021 Deluxe Bundle!

Start 2021 strong with Team TIU! 💪 🎉 🍾 👏

Join us for 6 weeks of fun workouts, delicious recipes, community support, accountability, and endless love to start 2021 stronger, together! This is the perfect opportunity to reset, refocus, and bring in new energy for the new year.

We put together everything you need to crush your workouts and follow the 6-week meal plan!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Purchase Your TIU2021 Deluxe:

Plant-Based Vanilla Protein Powder, 14 servings

(1 scoop = 15 grams to fuel your energy during your TIU2021 challenge! A #1 community fave for muffins, smoothies, & more!)

Marine Collagen Peptides, 14 servings

(1 scoop = 10 grams of the highest-quality, sustainable non-GMO collagen peptides for radiant hair skin, nails, & muscle repair! A must-have for a beautiful 2021 glow!)

Strawberry Banana Protein + Immunity, 14 servings

(1 scoop = 500 mg of Vitamin C is the perfect amount of post-workout fuel & immunity boost -- all in one!)

  Vitamin C Gummies

(A new TIU "treat" to add to boost your immune system! Just two gummies will get you as much Vitamin C as eating 3 1/2 oranges!)

  SIlicone Mini-Muffin Tray

(Makes up to 12 evenly baked muffins. Non-stick, no oil spray or greasing needed! Also, dishwasher safe)

Ankle Weights, 2.5 lbs each

(Comfortable, stay-in-place weights for all your Tone It Up workouts!)

Booty Bands, 2-Pack

(A staple to the TIU fitness routine. Multi-functional pair of booty bands for all your resistance needs -- great for core targeting & lower body!)

 Toning Ropes

(Skip the bulky battle ropes in favor of these at-home toning ropes! Designed with dual functioning in mind, these ropes deliver cardio AND strength all in one!)

*Additional discounts or promo codes cannot be applied with this bundle.

👏Your goal is to crush 30 workouts in the TIU app in six weeks. We’ll also be following the meal plan, so we’re all in it together!

👏Every day, check in with your workouts on Instagram with the hashtag #TIU2021 and you'll be entered to receive weekly prizes!

We will be even Stronger, Together in 2021.

No matter what your goals are, you can do this challenge together with Team TIU!


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