Meet Your New Trainer Jasmine Sanders

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We have someone VERY special we want you to meet...supermodel, influencer, fitness lover, and your newest Tone It Up app trainer Jasmine Sanders! 

Jasmine will be leading us through your brand new 4-week program, The Best by Jasmine Sanders. Get ready for 6 amazing new workouts — everything from strength training, to cardio, to total body toning — plus weekly meditations, stretching, self-care, and community support from start to finish.  

This is Jasmine’s first ever fitness program, and we are so honored to have her as part of the TIU community! This program is very close to her heart, and she is sharing her all-time favorite workouts and personal practices that have gotten her into the best shape of her life — physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

When we first met Jasmine, we knew we had to bring her into the #TIUteam. You’re going to love her incredible energy and have so much with her in these workouts! To put it simply...she’s The Best ;) 

Learn more about The Best program and join us HERE

And read on below to get to know your newest trainer and BFF! 

Meet Your Trainer Jasmine

How did you first get into fitness?

I come from a really athletic and active family. Growing up, I played basketball, soccer, and volleyball. I really enjoy being active in fun and creative ways. It helps with my work as a model because I always want to give the best of myself to my clients. I had to make sure I was taking care of myself so I could work, and travel, and reach my goals.


How did you get connected to Tone It Up? 

I’ve always wanted to do a fitness app and share my tips and tricks with everyone. I knew about Tone It Up because a lot of friends were already using it and seeing how helpful it was during the pandemic. I was able to meet Kat and Karena through a mutual friend, and this was a perfect opportunity to work together.

Your program is called The Best. What inspired it and what do you want women to take away from it?

My love for wellness inspired it and I always wanted to give the best version of myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I want everyone who joins my program to know that being your best isn’t just a number on a scale, but it’s how you feel about yourself. When you take the time out of your day to do a workout, you’re doing something that benefits you and will only make you feel better. Once you feel better inside, better things happen on the outside.  

How would you describe your workout & fitness philosophy?

It doesn’t matter how long you plan on working out, but the biggest part is giving it your best effort every time you show up. As long as you walk away knowing you tried your best and worked your hardest, then it’s a good workout. It’s good to stick with your routine as best you can.  

What do we have to look forward to with a Jasmine workout?

Expect to work! We’re going to get your heart rate elevated, make sure your body is moving, and you’ll feel your best after the workout!

The Best is your first ever fitness program. How do you feel about that?

I’m extremely excited and proud to join the Tone It Up community! I’ve put a lot of work into this project. I’ve always wanted to do this, and it’s finally coming to life. I’m excited to share it with everyone and continue to share more programs. I'm excited to be a part of people’s journey as they become better versions of themselves as I am. 

You love jumping rope and it's included in your dynamic warm-ups. Why is it one of your favorites?

Jump rope is one of my favorite exercises because it gets your heart rate up and warms up your body before getting into your workout. You’re getting the blood moving through your whole body without doing static stretching, which can sometimes lead to injury pre-workout. 

Besides in the TIU app, where can we find you? 

You can find me on Instagram @goldenbarbie — I would love for you to follow me there! And make sure you check in with me using #TheBestByJasmineSanders; I’d love to hear from you!

Are you ready to feel your BEST?! Join us for your new program, The Best By Jasmine Sanders, to get strong, lean, and sculpted with Jasmine’s favorite workouts designed for total body results. I’M IN!


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