Chat with Yami! Fall Challenge Check-In

By Tone It Up on

Thank you for joining Yami LIVE for another fall challenge check-in! If you couldn't make it for the live event, you can watch the replay below. Yami gives encouragement on how to get stronger by increasing your weight and define your “why” to build discipline + create consistency.

Plus, hear your trainer get real about how to keep a positive mindset and what that looks like in her life.

Enjoy this chat? Hang out with Yami again this Sunday at 12pm along with trainer Stef!



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Nichola Morin

Oct 15 21

Thank you for doing this and for your openness and honesty

Lindsey Beals

Oct 15 21

Hi Yami!!


Oct 15 21

Hey Yami! Thanks for all the helpful advice! So grateful to be part of this community!!


Oct 15 21

Cute pup! 😍


Oct 15 21

Hi pup!

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